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Free mount on rim when you buy tires through Cycle City Motorsports!

Compare other shops at $20-$30 in labor!

Labor Charges for On-Bike Mounting

Sport bike front tire: $20.00
Sport bike rear tire: $25.00
Harley-Davidson® front tire: $35.00Harley-Davidson® rear tire: $65.00
Cruiser front tire: $35.00Cruiser rear tire: $65.00
High speed balance: $10.00

Oil Changes and Tire mounting done while you wait!

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Harley-Davidson® Service

5K Service (FLH/DYNA - 214.99) (Softail - 204.99) (Sportster - 184.99)
  • Engine, primary, transmission oil/filter change
  • Check critical fasteners, general safety check, torque all bolts to specs
  • Inspect brakes, belts, tire pressure, controls, and advise
Includes all parts, add $30 for synthetic lubricants

10K Service (FLH/DYNA - 369.99) (Softail - 359.99) (Sportster - 339.99)
  • Engine, primary, transmission oil/filter change
  • Adjust clutch internally, replace derby cover
  • Replace/inspect spark plugs
  • Clean/replace air filter
  • Inspect/adjust belt tension, tire pressure, air shock pressure (if applicable)
  • Torque axle, suspension, critical fasteners
  • Inspect brakes, controls, and perform safety check

Includes all oils, filter, derby cover, spark plugs. Air filter will be extra, if need to be replaced.

Oil Change - $120.00 Including parts, add $30 for synthetic lubricants

Radiator Flush and Fill
15791 Rockfield Blvd
Suite K

Irvine, CA

Service Description

Promote long engine life with a cooling system flush and fill. Even in moderate climate conditions, heat and cold are hard on your engine. Clean fluid ensures that your radiator operates at optimal efficiency. It keeps your engine block at normal operating temperatures, and it lubricates expensive engine seals. Flushing the radiator prevents corrosion and costly repairs.